NHLBI GO Exome Sequencing Project (ESP) In-Person Meeting September 14, 2011

Many of the presentations hyperlinked below include unpublished, proprietary information. No information from any of the presentations should be used without explicit prior consent of the appropriate investigator(s).

Wednesday, September 14

Working Group Updates
Structural Variation – Nik Krumm (nkrumm@uw.edu), SeattleGO (.pdf)

Exome Chip
Exome Chip Overview - Gonçalo Abecasis (goncalo@umich.edu), BroadGO (.pdf)

Power Analyses - Suzanne Leal (suzannemleal@gmail.com), SeattleGO (.pdf)

New ESP Data Resources and Approaches
ESP 5500 Overview – Hyun Min Kang (hmkang@umich.edu), BroadGO (.pdf)

Discussion of Calling Small Insertion-Deletions on the ESP 5500 - Gonçalo Abecasis, Lead (goncalo@umich.edu), BroadGO (.pdf)

Project Team and Writing Team Reports
Population Genetics: Discussion of PopGen Analysis – Status and Future – Mike Bamshad, Lead (mbamshad@u.washington.edu), LungGO (.pdf)

Early MI - Ron Do (dron@broadinstitute.org), BroadGO (.pdf)

Anthropometry - Paul Auer (plivermo@fhcrc.org), WHISP (.pdf)

Stroke - Paul Auer (plivermo@fhcrc.org), WHISP (.pdf)

Acute Lung Injury – Mark Wurfel (MWurfel@medicine.washington.edu), LungGO (.pdf)

Discussion: The Future of the NHLBI GO ESP: Through 9/30/2012 and After
Debbie Nickerson, Lead (Debnick@uw.edu), SeattleGO