NHLBI GO Exome Sequencing Project (ESP) Joint In-Person Meeting February 17-18, 2011

Many of the presentations hyperlinked below include unpublished, proprietary information. No information from any of the presentations should be used without explicit prior consent of the appropriate investigator(s).

Thursday, February 17

Family Study Project Investigator Reports
Aortic Aneurysms - Dianna Milewicz (Dianna.M.Milewicz@uth.tmc.edu), Family Study Investigator (pdf)

Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia - Emily Turner (emilyt@uw.edu), SeattleGO on behalf of Mike Knowles and Maimoona Zariwala (pdf)

Working Group and Project Team Reports
Population Genetics and Data Harmonization
-Abigail Bigham (awb150@uw.edu), LungGO (pdf)
-Xiaoming Liu (Xiaoming.Liu@uth.tmc.edu), HeartGO (pdf)
-Shamil Sunyaev (ssunyaev@rics.bwh.harvard.edu), BroadGO (pdf)
-Eimear Kenny (ekenny@stanford.edu), SeattleGO (pdf)
-Gonçalo Abecasis (goncalo@umich.edu), BroadGO (pdf)

Stroke - Riki Peters (upeters@fhcrc.org), WHISP and Steve Rich (ssr4n@virginia.edu), HeartGO (pptx)

Blood Pressure - Chris Newton-Cheh (CNEWTONCHEH@PARTNERS.ORG), BroadGO (ppt)

Early MI - Sekar Kathiresan (skathiresan@partners.org), BroadGO (pptx)

- Michael Cho (michael.cho@channing.harvard.edu), LungGO (ppt)
- Mary Emond (emond@uw.edu), LungGO (ppt)

- Chris Carlson (csc47@uw.edu), WHISP (pdf)
- Paul Auer (plivermo@fhcrc.org), WHISP (ppt)

Lipids: Cristen Willer (cristen@umich.edu), BroadGO (pptx)

NIH Sequencing Projects
CHARGE-S Update and Discussion - Eric Boerwinkle (Eric.Boerwinkle@uth.tmc.edu), CHARGE-S (pptx)

Friday, February 18

Group Discussion
Short-Term Replication Plans – Leslie Lange (leslie_lange@med.unc.edu), HeartGO, lead (pptx)

Next Steps (e.g., Imputation) – Chris Carlson (csc47@u.washington.edu), WHISP, lead (ppt)

Long Term (e.g., Exome Chip) – David Altshuler (altshuler@molbio.mgh.harvard.edu), BroadGO, lead (pptx)

Future Directions for NHLBI Large-Scale Sequencing Efforts; Enhancing and Utilizing ESP Data
Group Discussion – Deborah Applebaum-Bowden (applebad@nhlbi.nih.gov), NHLBI and Alan Michelson (michelsonam@mail.nih.gov), NHLBI, leads